ITNM Systems ALC100 DVB Audio Level Control



• 50 stereo audio signals of television or radio channels simultaneously (capable of expansion up to 2.000)


• Manual adjustable correction of average loudness differences
• Creative programme properties remain untouched
• No loss of audio quality
• No additional delay between sound and image
• Integral processing time only 0.1 second
• Processing of (plural) MPTS or plural SPTS
• ASI or Gigabit Ethernet connections
• Automatic built-in loop-through switch standard on ASI-model


• Automatic gain control of mutual average loudness
• Automatic out of balance correction
• Additional ASI connections
• Optical GbE connections
• Optical loop-through switch
• Expansion per 25 audio signals
• Loudness algorithm changeable on user request
• Redundant design
• User specific demands

ITNM Systems reserves the right to change the specifications.

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