EPG management

Digital television distribution systems make use of signals coming from program suppliers all over the world. A network operator combines these signals to one complete and varied bouquet. For user-friendliness it is important that the properties of the channels - like sound level, picture, programme information, teletext and subtitling – differ as little as possible. In practice, these properties appear to be quite different what could lead to a loss of functionality and degrades the quality of service. With maximum customer satisfaction, ITNM Systems develops applications that help to minimise the differences in a way they can still be used after all.


Information for the Electronic Programme Guide can be supplied by several commercial parties. In practice, it often proves to be that the way this is done does not completely comply to the system for DVB Service Information, that is used by the operator. This system has to process the information without errors to make it suitable for the digital head-end.


In order to solve these practical problems, ITNM Systems develops script applications that process the EPG data in a way it works the best for the applied digital TV system. Besides that, additional operational support can be offered for EPG systems in general.


Here are some examples what kind of EPG management we can offer:

• Processing of the EPG data supplied by third parties by means of protected data communications.

• Contact with suppliers in case of failures and changes of content.

• Adaptation of EPG data for optimum use of all fields, stability and processing speed.

• EPG adaptation for multiple systems, like DVB SI generators and Web servers.

• Monitoring of supply and importing process of the data.

• Single point of contact for suppliers and employees what EPG is concerned.


At the moment ITNM Systems is performing EPG management for several prominent Dutch cable operators.


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