About ITNM Systems

ITNM Systems is a facilitating party serving companies in the world of broadcast and distribution of radio and televisions signals. The abbreviation refers to the original Dutch company name InfoThuis Nieuwe Media. The company has got its roots in the initial activities for interactive TV and that explains the meaning of the words 'Info' (Information), 'Thuis' (at Home) and 'Nieuwe Media' (New Media). ITNM Systems develops and maintains systems and applications for analogue and digital television.

Productline 'ITNM Systems'

ITNM has launched the brand name ITNM Systems. By doing this, the difference between product line and other activities is made clearer. It also has advantages because of increasing interest coming from foreign clients and relationships. For increasing interest coming from places outside The Netherlands our new brand name ITNM Systems is easier to use than our Dutch equivalent InfoThuis Nieuwe Media, although they both share the same source.

A short overview of our history

InfoThuis was founded in 1991 on the initiative of The Hague City in order to establish public interactive television services. Beside the city council, cable operators Casema and CAI Westland (Caiway), information service provider Videotex Nederland, publisher Sijthoff Pers and shareholder VSB Bank were involved in this project. By means of a dedicated public TV channel, InfoThuis was already in the beginning of the nineties running interactive television in The Hague’s region.


Public address:
Tiendweg 8b II
2671 SB Naaldwijk
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 174 750 788

General: [email protected]


ITNM Systems

Tiendweg 8b II
2671 SB Naaldwijk
The Netherlands

T: +31 174 750 588

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