ITNM Systems ALC100 DVB Audio Level Control

Digital television distribution systems make use of signals coming from program suppliers all over the world. A network operator combines these signals to one complete and varied bouquet. For user-friendliness it is important that the properties of the channels - like sound, picture, programme information, teletext and subtitling – differ as little as possible. In practice, these properties appear to be quite different that degrades the quality of service. With maximum customer satisfaction, ITNM Systems develops applications that help to minimise the differences in a way the services can be used with the best possible performance after all.


ITNM Systems has developed a system that offers a solution for the consumer’s annoying and terrifying high loudness differences among the channels broadcasted by digital television. Cable operators don’t have any means - in contrast to analogue distribution – to do something about this. The reason why is explained by the fact that most of the digital signals are passed on in a packed form by which the properties of the content remain unchanged. The equipment used for this method – the DVB remultiplexer – does not offer any option to change the audio level.

The alternative

The alternative is decoding and re-encoding of all channels but for so many television and radio services this would imply a very high investment and moreover, signal quality would degrade. So, direct distribution seems to be the most logical thing to do, but comes with a significant drawback. Because programme distributors all over the world are using very different methods, the consumer is burdened with very high differences in loudness switching from one channel to another in case direct digital distribution is used.

The solution

With the introduction of the ALC100, ITNM Systems offers a unique solution without re-encoding disadvantages. The audio level is compensated directly in the data stream, what means without the need to decode and re-encode the signal. By means of efficient software programming, one system is capable of processing hundreds of television and radio channels simultaneously. All this makes the ALC100 a very approachable and scalable solution – with a remarkable ratio between costs and benefits – that can be applied in DVB head-ends of both small and big sized operators.

More information

The following chapters will display more information about the design and functionality of the ALC100:

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