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Digital television distribution systems make use of signals coming from program suppliers all over the world. A network operator combines these signals to one complete and varied bouquet. For user-friendliness it is important that the properties of the channels - like sound level, picture, programme information, teletext and subtitling – differ as little as possible. In practice, these properties appear to be quite different or sometimes some of the components are sent in another format, what could lead to a loss of functionality and degrades the quality of service. With maximum customer satisfaction, ITNM Systems develops applications that help to minimise the differences and convert the components in a way they can still be used after all.


ITNM Systems has developed a converter system for signals coming from program suppliers that are transmitting a different form of teletext and subtitling. An example is the proprietary system that is used by Discovery and related thematic channels. If such a channel is distributed directly in a digital head-end system, it is most likely that consumers using a set-top box of another brand cannot make use of teletext and subtitling. It is also possible that there is no link to the page where subtitling is supplied. This is not only a lack of functionality; it is also confusing because there is a different way of appearance compared to other channels. It is also possible that there is a loss of service now and then or a wrong display of text caused by a deviation of the standards where television sets and set-top boxes are based on.

The solution

The task of the DST100 is to convert the teletext and subtitling information out of the digital transport stream coming from the programme supplier, to an alternative and compliant data stream. The network operator in the digital head-end multiplex centre can easily add this signal to the channel. As a result of that, the decoder is enabled to process teletext data correctly and to display subtitling automatically. If a certain channel supports subtitling in several languages, then the DST100 will support the necessary data to display these options in the relevant menu. Flexible ways to connect simplify the integration in an existing system.

More information

The following chapters will display more information about the design and functionality of the DST100:

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