ITNM Systems TTW100 Text To Web

The TTW100 is a system designed to convert teletext into web pages. The performance fits remarkably well to serve as a mirrored internet version of teletext services supplied by broadcast organisations, enabling worldwide availability of the information and using it as a real time monitoring system as well.

Product description

The TTW100 is based on an industrial server configured to perform as a television channel receiver. Besides an RF signal, composite video can be used as an input. A built-in web server handles the access to the service. An Ethernet interface is provided in order to connect to the Internet and to be able to manage the unit on distance.

The system operates stand-alone based on normal reception of a television signal. This means that no direct link is required with the teletext inserter or database server. Because the system is receiving the signal at the end of the transmission chain, it can serve as a teletext monitoring system as well. A page is displayed on the web exactly how it looks like on TV. Graphical elements around the teletext pages can be adapted to user defined preferences.


The picture below shows an example of the implementation of the TTW100 in a website. In order to have a better view, you can click the picture with your mouse that enables a bigger window to open.

The teletext pages can be displayed in a sub frame. The background can be adapted to the existing lay-out.


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