ITNM Systems CMS100 Teletext Content Management

The CMS100 Content Management System is an application to perform management on teletext pages. The system can be used centrally by the editorial office as well as by customers who are authorised to get on-line access for their own limited amount of pages. With the same application, a website can be managed using a part of or completely the same content.


The system can be accessed by the editors using a web interface. Dependent on their username and password this is granted fully, read-only or partially to certain editions. The editor can choose a heading and an edition in order to read, to edit or to create a message. If case of the latter, a form can be filled in divided in three parts; a header, an introduction and the actual main content. Important property is the lack of any reference to the layout of the page in this part. This is done because all aspects of how the information is displayed is centrally and integrally defined.


After drawing up the message there is an option to preview it, in order to get an impression of how it will look like. If necessary, changes can be made and after that it can be saved. Every message gets a validity stamp with a begin and end date that appoints to the visible period. By default, it starts directly and lasts forever. After completing the form, the page is published.

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