ITNM Systems TTW100 Text To Web



• 1 antenna or video signal with teletext


• Graphical as well as text display of level 1 pages*
• Page turn over function with automatic skip over missing ones
• Automatic hyperlink conversion of page numbers
• Direct view of all available pages
• Sub pages displayed sequentially or all at the same time
• Content of pages can be indexed by Internet search engines
• Easy integration in other websites by means of GET-commands
• Graphical elements around the teletext pages can be delivered according to preference of the user

*On condition that pages are complete with a fixed font. Blinking marks cannot be supported.


• On the standard foundation, a second channel can be installed optionally
• On request, the TTW100 can process even more channels, based however on a different kind of server

User specific demands

TTW100 can be adapted to user specific demands.

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