ITNM Systems CMS100 Teletext Content Management

Product description

The CMS100 Content Management System is an application to perform management on teletext pages. The product can be offered as an on-line service, without any required hardware.

Sub pages

If a message gets too long to be displayed on one page, sub pages are generated automatically. A number - including the total of pages - is added and the header is copied on top. Some editors can be allowed to enter a text on an optional banner that could refer to an important teletext message. The text is an overlay on a picture that can be added to a live running broadcast signal.


The message status, like active, expired, published or stand-by is clearly displayed in the CMS. Of course an expired one will not be published anymore. Changed and new entered pages are transported to the teletext inserter(s) automatically. In case of validity they will be visual at once. At the same time the information is published on a public website. By doing that, other people involved with an appropriate password authorisation are able to check the pages of all editions, apart from the availability of the television signal.


Summarized, the system offers the following functionality:

• Generating and editing of pages
• Defining page layout
• Publishing to one or several editions
• Status checking of published content
• Optional publishing to a video banner

User specific demands

CMS100 can be adapted to user specific demands on functionality and preferred procedures. The application can be delivered including hardware (teletext inserters).

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