Productline 'ITNM Systems'

ITNM has launched the brand name ITNM Systems. By doing this, the difference between product line and other activities is made clearer. It also has advantages because of increasing interest coming from foreign clients and relationships. For increasing interest coming from places outside The Netherlands our new brand name ITNM Systems is easier to use than our Dutch equivalent InfoThuis Nieuwe Media, although they both share the same source.

ITNM Systems is currently offering the following products and services.


IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring
DST100 DVB Subtitling & Teletext Converter
ALC100 DVB Audio Level Control
TSP100 DVB Transport Stream Player
CMS100 Teletext Content Management
TTW100 Text To Web


EPG management

ITNM Systems is not limited to these standard Digital TV and multimedia products because we can offer client specific solutions for your system as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you want to improve the quality and functionality of your digital head-end.


ITNM Systems

Donnerlaan 99
2672 BX Naaldwijk
The Netherlands

T: +31 30 236 26 45

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