ITNM Systems ALC100 DVB Audio Level Control


Starting point in the design of the ALC100 is the proposition that rebroadcast operators - irrespective of the kind of infrastructure – must not have the intention to change the creative properties of programme material. The basic functionality supports the view that loudness differences among several programmes, commercials and announcements in the first place is a responsibility of the programme supplier and not one of the rebroadcast operator. That's why the ALC100 adapts itself emphatically on mutual loudness differences amongst channels and not within a channel specifically.

Automatic gain control

The ALC100 standard version comes with manually controlled correction factors per channel. However, automatic control can be delivered as well. This option can also be installed in a later stage. Automatic control means that every channel is analysed by a loudness algorithm over a relative long period of time in order to settle loudness of all channels as close as possible to the human perception. Normally a correction is applied only once a day. Channels with instable loudness can be corrected more often. Out of balance between left and right audio channel is compensated as well in case an unusual high deviation is observed. An SNMP-generator - suitable to display the status of the system - is standard.

No loss of audio quality

The ALC100 performs all changes directly and without any loss of audio quality. All other data will remain unchanged in order to pursue maximum stability and to maintain integrity of the composition of the signal stream.

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