ITNM Systems ALC100 Audio Level Control

Product description

The ALC100 Audio Level Control is a stand-alone system designed to settle loudness differences of digital distributed radio and television channels. It can simply be added to a multiplex system for digital television.


Input for the system is the multiplexed transport stream – stripped of any scrambling – coming from the DVB multiplexer or the output signal of one or more DVB decoders. For maximum flexibility, two options are available to process this signal; by Asynchronous Serial Interfaces (ASI) or by Gigabit Ethernet. The ASI model comes standard with an automatic built-in switch, that will connect the input with the output in case of a failure or switch-off. In case of Gigabit Ethernet, the system can be optionally equipped with an optical switch, enabling it to have the same redundancy properties as the ASI type. This will make integration an easier job in existing systems.

Transparent data transport

For maximum stability, nothing is changed to the original data structure and by doing that the systems acts as most transparent as possible. Other components than audio will remain completely untouched.

Schematic overview

The drawing on the left upper side shows an overview of the internal construction. In order to have a better view, you can click the drawing with your mouse that enables a bigger window to open.

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