ITNM Systems TSP100 DVB Transport Stream Player


The TSP100 is able to play-out several kinds of supplied data like still video, running video and audio fragments, decoder applications but also DVB Service Information specifically required for a multiplexer.

Video and audio encoder

Besides playing-out already encoded video and audio files, the TSP100 can be equipped with a built-in video encoder so that pictures can be processed directly out of bitmap format. An audio encoder can be added as well to be able to convert spoken messages out of wav-format based files.


The TSP100 supplies all by the multiplexer required components like PMT (Programme Map Table), PTS (Presentation Time Stamp) and PCR (Programme Clock Reference) for a successful integration in existing systems. An SNMP-generator - suitable to display the status of the system - is standard. The system is preconfigured and ready to install. Adaptation according to customer demands is possible as well.

HD demo

The picture on the left upper side shows one of the application options of the TSP100; in use for a HD demo trailer on a reserved channel of the digital decoder.

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