ITNM Systems TSP100 DVB Transport Stream Player

Integration in networks

The TSP100 is applicable in several kinds of digital television network architecture.


Normally the system is placed at the location where centralised processing of digital radio and television services is performed; the head-end or digital play-out centre. There are many ways to connect, depending on the construction of the existing multiplexer and receiver equipment.


In the standard set-up, all DVB transmission is done by ASI interfaces. It is also possible to choose for Ethernet instead of ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface). At the output the TSP100 supplies a complete transport stream. Communications with the TSP100 for maintenance and SNMP is done by common Ethernet.


The drawings below show examples of implementation of the TSP100 in several kinds of network design. However, the possibilities are not limited to these examples.

In order to have a better view, you can click the drawing with your mouse that enables a bigger window to open.

Application in the multiplex centre

Normally the TSP100 is installed in the neighbourhood of the DVB multiplexer. The files that have to be played-out can be transferred by one or more workstations.

Application in a redundant network design

In a redundant design de SIC100 can also be applied redundantly. A synchronisation procedure keeps both systems alike.


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