ITNM Systems TSP100 DVB Transport Stream Player



• Up to 30 supplied transport stream files
• Maximum size of transport stream files: 100 GByte
• Total bit rate up to 40 Mbit/sec
• Up to 20 PCR PIDs
• Up to 20 video PIDs wherein actual PTS is applied


• Multiplexing of transport stream files
• Looping play-out of transport stream files
• Play-out of audio and video fragments and still video frames
• Play-out of decoder applications like STB loader data and middleware like OpenTV
• Play-out of specific DVB Service Information
• DVB PSI/SI generator
• PID filtering of unwanted PIDs in source files
• Manually adjustable bit rate per source file
• Automatic (CBR/VBR) bit rate per source file according to PCR
• Insertion of PCR and restamping of the PTS for still video
• Restamping of PCR for jitter correction
• Continuing timestamps for smooth file transitions
• ASI output


• Video encoder
• Audio encoder
• System dependent adaptations
• Gigabit Ethernet output
• Redundant design
• User specific demands

ITNM Systems reserves the right to change the specifications.

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