ITNM Systems DST100 DVB Subtitling & Teletext Converter

Product description

The DST100 DVB Subtitling & Teletext Converter is a stand-alone system for conversion of teletext and subtitling to the local standard, that simply can be added to a digital TV multiplexer system.

Schematic overview

The following drawings show overviews of the internal construction. In order to have a better view, you can click the drawing with your mouse that enables a bigger window to open.


Input for the system is the output signal of one or more DVB decoders – multiplexed or separately supplied - of the proprietary system. For maximum flexibility two options are available to connect, by means of decoded ASI-signal (Asynchronous Serial Interface) or analogue composite video. By offering both options, integration is also possible with decoders equipped with only one of these outputs. The base version of the system has one ASI-input and one ASI-output. In order to connect several sources, like separated satellite receivers, the system can be equipped with an additional input card provided with four ASI inputs. The overview shows that version.

Transparent processing

If it is desired to pass through all the data by the DST100, the system can be supplied with transparent processing. In that case all the audio and video data available in the transport stream is combined with the teletext and subtitling data generated by the system. To improve the availability, the ASI version comes with a built-in loop-through relay, which automatically connects the output with the input in case of a failure or loss of power. It means that there is no loss of transmission in that case.

Other ways to connect are available on user request.


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