ITNM Systems DST100 DVB Subtitling & Teletext Converter


The DST100 is capable of processing ten different television channels simultaneously. Incorrect punctuation marks and hyphens in the text will be adapted to the local language. The teletext signals are combined to one complete multiplex with PMT (Program Map Table), PCR (Program Clock Reference) and PTS (Presentation Time Stamps). For smooth further processing the multiplex is supplied with the required reference signals (descriptors). The application is capable to generate subtitling in graphical DVB format, what can be an additional service in case consumer set-top boxes are able to process this. Subtitling then can be displayed with the same high broadcast quality as transmitted in the video signal by professional programme suppliers.


At the moment the following channels are supported by the DST100: Discovery Science, Discovery World, Discovery Travel & Living, Animal Planet, TCM and Hallmark.

No loss of picture quality

There are alternative methods where the signal is fully decoded and encoded again. This is a quite expensive method and it results in a loss of picture and sound quality. The DST100 however, fully works in the DVB domain where it can leave audio and video as it is. Moreover, it can support the decoder of the consumer in an optimum way for extended ease of use.

Besides converting of proprietary systems, subtitling present in any teletext signal available by ASI or composite video can be converted into DVB teletext and DVB subtitling. An SNMP-generator - suitable to display the status of the system - is standard. The system is preconfigured and ready to install. Adaptation according to customer demands is possible as well.

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