ITNM Systems DST100 DVB Subtitling & Teletext Converter

Integration in networks

The DST100 is applicable in several kinds of network architecture. Implementation is possible in DVB-C/S/T and IPTV-networks.


Normally the system is placed at the location where centralised processing of digital radio and television services is performed; the head-end or digital play-out centre. There are many ways to connect, depending on the construction of the existing multiplexer and receiver equipment.


In the standard set-up, all digital video and teletext transmission is done by ASI signal (Asynchronous Serial Interface). The input of teletext signal is also possible by means of composite video. At the output the DST100 supplies all required components for a successful integration. Communications with the DST100 for maintenance and SNMP is done by common Ethernet.


The drawings below show examples of implementation of the DST100 in several kinds of network design. In order to have a better view, you can click the drawing with your mouse that enables a bigger window to open.

Application using ASI-multiplex

This drawing shows an example of the use of separate receivers, each one equipped with an ASI output. A combination with a multi-channel receiver can also be used. The signal is routed to and from the DST100 through the DVB multiplexer. One single ASI input and one output cable will do.

Application transparent processing via ASI

If transparent processing is desired, the DST100T can be applied, which is able to pass through the audio and video data together with generated teletext and subtitling.

Application using ASI

In case it is not possible or not desired to connect through the multiplexer, then the DST100 also accepts ASI input signals directly coming from the satellite receivers. The combined output signal runs over one ASI connection to the multiplexer where the required teletext and subtitling components can be added to the channels.

Application using composite video

Processing of teletext information is also possible by means of composite video in case the receiver is not equipped with an ASI output. If the composition of the composite signal is complete, the functionality remains the same. Besides application in proprietary systems, any other teletext source can be converted to DVB teletext and DVB subtitling.


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