ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring


The Monitor’s primary task is continuously gathering of raw information out of the data in the digital transport streams. All packets, sections, tables, time stamps and scrambling status indicators are counted and categorized.


Every table and PID (Packet IDentifier) is reported according to its specific type of information. The result of that is sent to the Analyzer with an interval of approximately one second by means of an Ethernet connection. Whenever a new table is detected in the transport stream, the Monitor will identify and report it as well.


Normally the Monitor is equipped with ASI inputs but Gigabit Ethernet is also possible. Through ASI, a capacity is available of eight transport streams of 38 Mbit/sec each. The maximum throughput per transport stream is 90 Mbit/sec. For GbE this extends to 16 transport streams of 60 Mbit/sec each.


The total network capacity is de divided over one or more Monitors and can always be increased. The system is normally installed at the location where digital radio en television signals are centrally processed.

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