ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

Powerful functionality

The IDM100 offers complete network monitoring of digital radio and television, over a range of locations. Control on distance by means of Workstations equipped with standard web browser and communication by common Ethernet simplifies implementation.

Multiple level control

Analysis at different levels varying from – Green is all right! – up to a detailed investigation of the DVB tables adds up to the application of this system as an all-in-one solution. A flexible way of configuration gives outlook to a pragmatical way of network control.

Continuous operation

Permanent control on availability of service by means of a guarding eye that is looking attentively to services, pictures, sound channels, subtitling, teletext, electronic programme guide, DVB service information and other transport stream components. Audiovisual presentation gives insight on the end result at the customer and makes overall control possible from any location.


The following examples give an impression of the versatile possibilities:

Actual status report

• Direct view on the state of the network of all digital radio and television channels.
• Display in colours gives overview in a glance in which transport stream a problem is detected.
• Text messages related to the channel indicate directly which one is affected without any necessary action by the user.
• Report of the gravity of the deviation gives additional informational about the impact for the customer.
• Selection of transport stream, service and kind of alarm keeps the display orderly.

See example.

Event log

• Selection of events from the past by using one mouse click.
• Orderly grouping in selections on service and error level.
• Switching between active and resolved events makes instantly clear how long and how often a problem occurred.
• Grouping of message takes care of the necessary overview, even in case of a packed log history.

See example.

Channel selection

• Selection on individual channel level results in a clear and orderly display.

See example.

Error level selection

• Selection on error level helps to separate the messages.
• Clear grouping by selection on error level, active and resolved messages keeps the screen orderly in case of multiple problems in a transport stream.

See example.


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