ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

Profound analysis

Higher level analysis by using transport stream selection. Continuous monitoring and display of very important service information, different kind of packets, DVB tables, occupied bandwidth, timing deviation and configuration settings. Display of information of vital importance to the functionality of the system at the customer’s decoder and for optimum insight in the system’s status.


• A detailed overview displays the relationship of the occupied bandwidth in a transport stream, logically arranged on all available kind of packets.
• Error and scrambling detection fortifies insight in the status of the transport stream components.

See example.

Timing accuracy

• Continuous detection and calculation of time stamps validates the stability of the transport stream per service.
• Display of the deviation makes it possible to perform preventive actions before the customer notices interruptions or lip-sync problems.

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Audiovisual audit

• Examination of sound and vision checks signal conformity.
• Enumeration of channels and programme data delivers information about the functionality of the electronic programme guide.
• Bandwidth measurement per service displays an overview of the segmentation of the transport stream.

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Audiovisual status

• Momentary display of sound and vision gives opportunity for network monitoring on distance, independently of the availability of the television signal.
• Detection of sound carriers simplifies checking of preferred language channel.
• Status information like aspect ratio, resolution, video encoding mode and AFD-state (Active Format Description) gives optimum insight in video properties.
• Optional video and audio can also be checked live as streaming video.

See example 1 and example 2

Audiovisual archives

• Storage of programme material gives access to pictures and sound from the past up to one month ago for further analysis of past disturbances in the network.

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