ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

Dynamical criteria

Flexible configuration options allow pragmatical operational monitoring. Validation of the composition of the transport stream programs the system to the level of the DVB tables. Dynamical adjustments for content and deviation keeps hold on the level of monitoring functionality.

Service properties

• Enumeration of detected services per transport stream.
• Specific settings for services with scheduled services controlled by an internal agenda.

See example.

Transport stream settings

• Determination of passwords, service names, electronic program guide settings, timing references and alarm thresholds for audiovisual monitoring per transport stream.

See example.

Table configuration

• Enumeration of the composition of the transport stream gives access to the configuration of all parts and the possibility to store these in memory.
• Detection of components that are not stored in the configuration gives the user the option to exclude parts of the transport stream for validation.
• Overview of the tables can be used for in-depth analysis.

See exampe 1 and example 2.

Table repetition rates

• Dynamic changeable adjustments for repetition rates and bit rates of tables allow flexibility up to individual level.
• According to the network engineer’s preferences, alarm thresholds can be applied more or less strictly than the standards and recommendations to allow pragmatic operational monitoring of the network.

See example.


• Flexible settings of the occupied bandwidth in a transport stream on packet level enables detection of loss and overload by measurement and comparison of expected values.
• According to the network engineer’s preferences, components can be included and excluded in able to use dynamical criteria.

See example.

Table display

• Display of the content of the tables discloses all system and service information for an in-depth analysis.
• A folded menu structure helps to keep a fully loaded screen orderly.

See example.

Application preferences

• Options in alarm levels up to individual messages allows the network engineer to determine gradations.
• Several foreground and background colours can be assigned to a certain alarm level.

See example 1 en example 2.

OpenTV applications

• Adaptation on demand or customer specific needs like monitoring of OpenTV applications.

See example 1 en example 2.


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