ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

Local Zapper

The Local Zapper is designed to investigate the signal at the end of the distribution chain. It has got optional to choose inputs: Radio Frequency (RF) modulated DVB-C QAM signal and electrical (1000Base-T) or optical (1000Base-SX) Gigabit Ethernet.


The input signal is demodulated. After that, the content is inventoried and reported to the Analyzer. Workstations will display the information whenever a deviation to the stream configuration is detected.

Transport stream recorder

Independently from the analysis cycle a transport stream can be locally recorded on hard disk. Afterwards it can be transported and analysed and by this way it increases control on the network from start to finish.

Local control

All decentralised head-ends in a digital television distribution system can be equipped with Local Zappers, by this way extending the range of control up to the local networks. The place of installation usually is a local head-end or distribution centre.


Because of simple and cost-effective design, the Local Zapper can be applied multiple times integrated as part of the local network itself. By doing that, network control is even more extended. By use of Internet access the system can even be placed at an end user’s premises for local investigation purposes.

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