ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring


The functionality of the Zapper is sequentially checking of all radio and television channels. In about five seconds per service, audio and video properties are categorized by which video is locally saved as picture and audio is saved as a fragment.


Problems with MPEG-decoding, scrambling, still and black video and audio silence are reported to the Analyzer. The other way around, any user can access this stored audio and video result directly.

Flexible control on distance

The audiovisual properties make it possible to control the network from any place anywhere even without access to the signal and a working decoder. Just a personal computer with Internet connection is required. All audiovisual samples can be recalled up to one month ago for further analysis.

Live streaming

Besides the audiovisual archives, the system can be optionally equipped with a streaming video encoder, giving direct visual and audible access to the live running and descrambled channel.


For decoding of a scrambled signal, a professional external descrambler is used. This increases the overall stability independently of the applied scrambling system.

Extensive procession capacity

One Zapper has enough procession capacity for even 500 radio and television services and can be extended by adding another one. The Zapper is controlled by the Analyzer and is usually installed in the neighbourhood of the Monitor.

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