ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring


The Analyzer is the heart of the system. It analyzes the reports sent by the Monitor. The investigation of the data is done in a dual way, based on deviation of the standards and according to the expected information.

Flexible limits

Data is checked according to international DVB guidelines, but it always possible for the network controller to apply flexible limits, in this way making operations much more pragmatical. An observed difference to what should be expected is reported to the user, related proportionally to the limits. At the same time, a priority is granted according to the preference of the user.

Logical display

An event is displayed on a Workstation in several different colours according to the gravity of the problem and the effect on the consumer’s decoder. In one single glance the status of the whole network is clearly displayed giving network control operators with a broad range of skills direct access to the condition of the system. Priorities are all user defined.

Active control

By comparison of the composition of the transport streams with the configuration stored in memory, deviations are reported. Whenever - for example – teletext or subtitling is missing in a channel that should be present according to the set-up or if a service by mistake is distributed without scrambling, these events will be noticed.

Standardised Workstations

The Analyzer also generates the user interface in easy to use HTML page lay-out. Workstations have access to the Analyzer by means of a standard web browser program. An optional SNMP generator inside of the Analyzer is able to forward messages to an overall network management system.

Extensive procession capacity

In normal configuration one Analyzer offers capacity of simultaneous procession for up to 40 transport streams and independent control for up to 20 Workstations. A capacity extension is always possible. By use of flexible communication properties the location of the Analyzer is not critical - every place inside the network’s range can be used - although a combined connection together with the Monitors and Zapper will work most efficient.

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