ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring



Monitor ASI:
• 1-8 transport streams simultaneously, maximum 90 Mbit/s each

Monitor GbE:
• 1-16 transport streams simultaneously, maximum 60 Mbit/s each

• 40 transport streams simultaneously, up to 10 Monitors, up to 20 Workstations, practical unlimited amount of Zappers and Local Zappers

• 500 radio and television services

Local Zapper:
• 40 transport streams


• New, missing or changed services
• Bandwidth per component
• Packet loss
• Scrambling presence
• Change of Scrambling Control Word
• Presence of PCR time stamps and timing variations (jitter and drift)
• Descrambling*
• Relationship between PTS en DTS time stamps to the PCR*
• Frozen video*
• Audio silence per channel*
• Programming of scheduled programmes
• AFD-status

Transport stream parameters

• Identity
• Overload
• Total bandwidth
• Net bandwidth
• Packet loss


• Bandwidth
• Packet loss

PSI/SI tables

• PAT, CAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, EIT p/f, EIT Schedule, TDT/TOT
• New, missing or changed tables
• Mutual consistency among SI-tables
• Repetition rate
• CRC-error


• Availability of services in the SDT en PMT of other transport streams
• Linkage descriptor, channel list descriptor, service list descriptor

EIT present/following and EIT Schedule specific

• Completeness of the EIT
• Timing accuracy of the EIT present-following
• Availability EIT Other
• Status of the EIT flags in the SDT


• Ability to descramble video and audio
• Video by carrousel stored as a picture
• Audio (standard/multi language/radio) by carrousel stored as a fragment
• Audiovisual archives of both up to one month
• Live decoded video and audio (optional)

OpenTV specific (optional)

• Module presence, age and size
• Descriptors in the PMT

Further optional functionality

• ASI, GbE or RF-inputs
• SNMP-generator
• MySQL database log
• Display of teletext content
• Transport stream recorder
• AVC and AC-3 support
• User specific demands

* These option can be recalled afterwards even on scrambled programmes.

ITNM Systems reserves the right to change the specifications of the application.

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