ITNM Systems IDM100 Integrated Digital TV Monitoring

Product description

The IDM100 series Integrated Digital TV Monitoring is a powerful, complete and user-friendly monitoring system for digital radio and television, applicable for DVB and IPTV networks.


The systems consists of five different components:

Local Zapper

Optionally a database server can be added to the system for extended processing of status and error messages. A minimum sized configuration consists of one Monitor and one Analyzer. There can be more units of every component added to the system. In the description of each component more information is given about the specific task and configuration.


Errors in the transport streams are reported according to priority, so that the cause of the problem is revealed more quickly. Several colours reflect the status of network at a single glance. This gives employees of the network control centre direct access to the system without thorough knowledge of digital TV.

SNMP support

An optional SNMP-generator is able to pass on alarm messages to an overall management system for an optimum overview in the status of the digital platform, within the total package of services.

Audiovisual options

Efficient audiovisual presentation gives insight in the status of the services in a similar way how the customer experiences the end result. A stationary picture and quiet sound in a programme is detected and reported so that action can be undertaken still before the customer has to report the same problem to the call centre. Samples of all channels are taken sequentially of which the result is stored as a snap-shot, by way it can be made visible and audible afterwards for further analysis. Audiovisual checking is also applicable in systems using scrambling like Irdeto 2 or Nagravision.

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